Researchers have spent years looking for signs of life in other parts of the universe, but if these UFO hunters are to be believed, aliens may have already visited the Earth in the past.

People behind the YouTube channel Secureteam10 posted a video that showed images of mysterious structures located a few miles outside of Cairo, Egypt. The buildings were spotted using maps from Google Earth.

While Secureteam10 said that it is unsure what the structures in the desert could be, some commenters on YouTube offered their thoughts on the matter.

YouTube user Sam Johnson said that the buildings shown in the Google Earth images could be used by the military, particularly as a form of missile site. He pointed to the round structures on the ground, which resemble silos that are often seen in missile sites.

Another user, on the other hand, said that the structures remind him of the popular science fiction film "Star Wars". This was supported by another user, EpicGift, who said that he may have already seen something like it in a level of the video game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.

A certain Ken Baker claimed that the buildings could be alien in nature, with the two largest structures serving as Annunaki Ziggurats. He said that these structures are used as some form of gateway where "human slaves can enter", which may or may not have taken inspiration from yet another well-known science fiction film and TV franchise "Stargate".

These speculations have led others to believe that the Egyptian government could have entered into an agreement with an extraterrestrial race such as the "Reptilians" or the "Greys".

Some YouTube users, however, offer a more level-headed observation of the mysterious images, stating that the structures could not be a secret base since it is located too close to a busy Egyptian highway.

The nature of the buildings is still hotly contested, with many people still providing their thoughts on the matter.

Secureteam10 has called on members of the public to send in their footages of alien activity in order to help the group continue its fight for disclosure.

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