The firmware version 3.5 update for the PlayStation 4 further improved the console's capabilities but some of those newly added tweaks arrived unnoticed.

Recently, redditors have found a few more hidden features that PlayStation seems to have failed to include in their promotional videos and announcements.

The changelog previously detailed in a report include Remote Play, Play Together, Toggle-enabled Friend Notifications, Scheduled Events, Event Invitations, Stealth Mode, Dailymotion Broadcasts, Tag-enabled Screenshots, Account Following, PlayStation Network Service Status and Sub-accounts.

The other unannounced features discovered by users and posted on Reddit are as follows:

External Hard Drive Compatibility - The PlayStation 4 is now compatible with 4 TB external hard drives. Console users can now utilize bigger storage options for their recorded playthroughs, screenshots and saved content.

Communities - It is now easier to search for communities, which can be sorted depending on text, language and time zone.

Messaging - The PS4 messaging system has been tweaked to display short replies on the current screen without having to jump to a different screen.

Custom Music - The USB music player has been returned. Users can play their own custom music, again, over games' background music (BGMs), official sound tracks (OSTs) or sound effects (SFx) by plugging in a storage device containing their personal music.

PlayStation Plus - This feature has been improved and managing online storage has become more efficient. Users can now also see friends who are playing the same game as they are.

Screenshots - PS4 users can now disable the pop-up screen that appears on screen whenever a screenshot is taken. Players can now take screenshots in succession without worrying about a dialog box appearing to notify them that the screenshot was saved. The sound notification will still play despite disabling the screenshot dialog box.

For "Life From PlayStation Improvements," a search field has been added to the game list that previously required players to use the "Global" search function. Additionally, three games can now be pinned to stay on top of the list and lastly, users can now set a "hard limit" for parties from two to eight people.

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