A ferry from Greece arrived in Turkey on April 8, carrying a second group of deported immigrants as part of the EU deal with Ankara. Amid the migrant crisis in Europe, the Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis is set make a quick visit to Lesvos next week.

The arrival of the immigrants in Turkey is aimed to reduce the number of mass immigrants to Europe coming from the Aegean Sea.

The 45 Pakistanis carried by the ferry left the Greek island of Lesvos toward Dikili, Turkey.

Under the EU deal, there were about 200 mainly Pakistanis who were deported on April 4 to Turkey, which is the main transit route for migrants who were undocumented. The terms of the deal also states that Turkey will have to take back migrants who illegally arrived in Greece unless they apply for asylum or once their claim is not approved.

Meanwhile, the European Union will still take in thousands of Syrian refugees with a pledge of $6.8 billion to help improve the living conditions of the migrants who are in Turkey. Negotiations will also be reopened for the long-stalled application of Turkey for membership on the European Union. Citizens of Turkey are also promised a visa-free travel to Europe as part of the agreement.

According to Greek authorities, 52,000 immigrants and refugees remain camped at the country's largest port in Piraeus, near Athens. They refused to move to organized shelters of army-built camps forcing authorities in Greece to issue a two weeks' notice of being expelled by force if they don't willingly move out.

"Every effort will be exhausted to persuade refugees and immigrants that it is in their own interest for them to move," reads the statement from the Greek coast guard. "There is a 10-15 timeframe for them to leave the port."

Still, officials of the Interior Ministry together with translators spent hours at Piraeus trying to explain and persuade migrants to move to new camps with better facilities and where they can apply for their asylum. However, one of the volunteer translators explained that people are afraid to go as they fear that they will run out of money or be cut off. They feel safer near Athens so most of them don't want to go.

The Vatican said in a statement that the Holy Pontiff is going to visit the refugees accommodated on Lesvos next week.

"Accepting the invitation from his Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, and the president of the Greek Republic, his Holiness Francis will travel to Lesvos on April 16, 2016," said Vatican's statement, adding that Pope Francis is going to meet with refugees

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