Although this week's PlayStation 4 update brought a variety of features to the console previously announced by Sony, a few Reddit users discovered that the system software update also added a few other things, too.

One of the big focuses of the update was on adding new social functions to the PlayStation 4. Now, players can get notifications when certain friends get online and can create events to invite those friends — and others — to specific gaming sessions. A new "Play Together" feature also surfaced that lets players see what their friends are playing and join in if they feel like it. However, for those gamers feeling like they need some alone time, they can also now hide their online status from others.

Reddit users noticed that these new PlayStation 4 social features had other benefits, too, though. Now, users can also set a limit to how many people join up for play sessions, from two to eight people.

Another unannounced feature that comes with the update includes several improvements to Live on the PlayStation menu: users can now easily search for videos, live streams and screen shots on their system and can pin up to three games to stay at the top of the list.

Sony also fixed an issue with on-screen notifications turning up while taking a screen shot. Now, users can disable those notifications, allowing players to take multiple screen shots in a row without the annoying pop-up.

One huge announced feature with the 3.50 update included Remote Play support for computers running at least Windows 8.1 and OS X 10.10. That allows PlayStation owners to play games from their PCs and even use their DualShock controllers to do so.

The PlayStation app also received updates this week, too, including the ability to schedule gameplay sessions with friends, the addition of Dailymotion to Live from PlayStation and the ability to see other players' shared activities.

Reddit users also reported several problems with the new update, including issues with certain mics and headphones, problems connecting to Remote Play on PCs, serious lag with Remote Play and menus loading incorrectly.

Sony encourages players to inform them of any bugs they come across, as well as leave feedback about the latest update on the official PlayStation blog.

Photo: Farley Santos | Flickr

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