DJI, global leader in drone technology, has introduced a new search and discovery app called DJI+Discover. The app has been created for drone enthusiasts to get together on a social platform, connect with each other and share ideas and best practices.

There is a social network app for just about everything. So it seemed like the next logical step for people passionate about drones and aerial photography — concepts that are really big in the modern world of technology.

Available for both Android and iOS, "the mobile app connects people socially and professionally by enabling drone-pilots and drone enthusiasts to start conversations and meet up while also functioning as a professional marketplace for aerial service providers and potential clients," is what the company had to say about its new creation.

The user-friendly app is divided into four sections: Nearby Search, Experience, Store, and Forum.

Nearby Search throws up seasoned drone enthusiasts' nearby location as well as pinpoints the flying hotspots. It is just like Facebook's 'Nearby Search' where you can see your friends' locations, except that here the social and professional users get different spaces: one where social users can connect and meet with anyone they like and the other where the professional users can use it as a business platform and seek new clients to offer their services. These 'clients' can write a review directly on the professional user's profile.

Experience basically leads a user to a brick-and-mortar store should they want to purchase the latest technology or may be their first drone. It also lists the official DJI events.

Store takes the users straight to DJI's online store.

Forum offers an open platform for discussing and sharing ideas, best practices, and useful tips, and is directly linked to the DJI+Discover app on the users' mobile phones.

The company, which has always strived to innovate, built this app with a focused viewpoint. "Drone pilots like to get together to fly, learn from each other and share experiences with like-minded people. In the same way, people want an easy way to find trustworthy professional aerial service providers nearby," said Paul Guo, Director of E-Commerce at DJI. "DJI+ Discover lets people in the same area connect socially and professionally in a way that will bind the drone community even tighter together."

The discovery app is open to all and needs a simple sign-up with an email address. It is now available in the U.S., the UK, Australia, Spain, and Germany, and is also listed on iTunes and Google Store.

Photo: DJI

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