Rockstar Games has revealed a new GTA Online mode called Inch By Inch, which will be launched on Tuesday, April 12.

Rockstar Games did not release any video of the new mode but explained that in the Inch By Inch mode, gamers will be playing in two teams. One member of the team will have a package to be delivered at the opponent's end zone to score.

A player who has the package will not be able to use any weapons but will have a bonus of a speed boost. The success of this player relies on the effort from other team members, who provide cover.

Grand Theft Auto fans who want to play this novel mode will have to wait until Tuesday. While players wait for the upcoming multiplayer game mode to release, they can participate in the new adversary modes that will earn them double GTA$ and RP.

"All this week, there will be a Double GTA$ & RP Adversary Mode Playlist ready to be fired off live and direct from the [Grand Theft Auto V] launch screens. The Playlists will be switched up with different Adversary Modes throughout the week, finishing up with a Double GTA$ & RP Playlist filled with the new mode Inch by Inch," says Rockstar Games.

Rockstar Games has not named the adversary modes playlists as they will be available randomly from a playlist from the menu. Gamers can get double rewards until April 14 and the Inch By Inch mode will join the party on April 12.

Apart from the new mode, Rockstar Games also announced discounts on the in-game Ammu-Nation store until April 14. Gamers will get 25 percent off on sniper rifles, 50 percent off on sniper rifle attachments, 40 percent off on shotguns, 30 percent off on shotgun attachments and a 50 percent discount on body armor.

The game publisher also announced that the Vapid Minivan, a new car, will be arriving at Benny's Original Motor Works on April 12.

Many GTA fans would be waiting for Tuesday to play the new mode but several gamers want Rockstar to introduce more heists in the game. Many GTA gamers also suggest that the game developer should have introduced a DLC instead.

The E3 2016 starts June 14 and GTA fans will hope that Rockstar will give some information of GTA DLC at the event.

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