Who didn't like to take a break from real life and immerse themselves in a game, in particular, the Grand Theft Auto series?

Rockstar Games, the developer of the series, has long since been producing Grand Theft Auto, with each release beating its predecessor. They've continually pushed the limits of the gaming industry, starting from top-view simulations to a more recent, online version of the game.

Combined with humor, visuals, music, content, and most importantly, an open world where the player was free to do anything, the GTA series have always been at the top of the gaming industry.

About three years have passed since the release of Grand Theft Auto: V and talks about the sixth installation has now surfaced and circulated around the web. A Techradar informer, allegedly from Rockstar, revealed that Grand Theft Auto: VI was already in the works. It was hinted that the company had been to Tokyo several years back to check the place out for the game and had even trademarked the title: Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo. However, the report from Techradar explained that the company found problems mapping Tokyo's roads into the game and that the established world of Grand Theft Auto was deeply rooted in American culture. They, according to the informer, already had local brands and products embedded in the game and integration was another factor to worry about.

The informer also revealed Rockstar, along with the supposed Tokyo release, had reserved the names: Grand Theft Auto: Bogota and Grand Theft Auto: Sin City as well.

"[C]onsidering GTA V started production in 2009, was released in 2013, and really didn't see it's true power until it was released for next-gen systems in 2014, it's safe to say we won't be seeing GTA VI until about 2020, or at the end of this console life-cycle," according to a prediction from Uproxx.  

Photo: William Hook | Flickr

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