The long wait for the much-awaited updates for Destiny: The Taken King and The Division is nearly over as The Division Incursion Update and Destiny's update will be rolled out on April 12.

Before this big day comes, here is a rundown of changes that players of these two games should expect.

The Division Incursion Update

This forthcoming Update 1.1 is going to bring with it a bevy of additions and tweaks that offer more excitement, especially to those who are clamoring for new things to do within this game.

1. 'Falcon Lost' Incursion

"Falcon Lost" is the very first Incursion that the update will pack in. For those who aren't aware yet, all future The Division raid-style missions, which are free to download for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will be regarded as Incursions.

In "Falcon Lost," players have to play with other gamers to complete the mission. Communication and strategy are vital to "Falcon Lost." It will help big if you are playing with people you know very well, although matchmaking is also going to be made available.

With regard to enemy types that gamers will face in this Incursion, players should expect a bullet-proof Armored Personnel Carrier plus flying drones.

It is worth mentioning that "Falcon Lost" has no checkpoints. As soon as your team fails, you have to go back to the start.

This first Incursion is accessed once players have completed the "General Mission" and if they are at Level 30.

Every character must also be equipped with Superior (Purple) or High-end (Gold) gear.

What makes "Falcon Lost" sweet is that, when players complete Incursion, they will be given unique and brand new gear. What's more, every seven days of playing the "Falcon Lost," they will receive regular rewards.

2. Gear Score

With this update onboard, armor and weapons will soon have a Gear Score, replacing the Gear Level. The higher the Gear Score, the better the item. The Gear Score will also allow players to unlock the trickiest missions.

3. Supply Drops

Once every hour, Supply drops are going to be made available in the Dark Zone, giving gamers a slew of weapons, keys and more.

Everyone has the chance to snag these supply drops. Players have to take note, though, that once the items are claimed by groups, these can no longer be stolen.

4. New Gear and Items

Of course, the update will bring with it a bunch of new and interesting items and gear.

Players will be able to grab these weapons: Valkyria, a submachine gun, and Warlord, an assault rifle. Another weapon, called Historian, which is a marksman rifle, will arrive when version 1.2 is pushed out.

Gear sets will also be given away. These are earned by completing the Incursion, Challenge mode, blueprints and more.

These new gear sets include Tactician's Authority, Sentry's Call, Path of the Nomad and Striker's Battle Gear, which come with unique talents or bonuses.

Levels 31 and 32 enemies drop more Phoenix credits. Crafting is also going to be more difficult than before. For instance, it will take 10 Standard materials for gamers to craft one Specialized material.

5. Loot Trading

This newly added feature will let gamers drop an item, which can then be picked up by a friend.

Such items can be dropped anywhere. However, players can only do so in a trading point or Safe House if they are within the Dark Zone.

Trading is only done within a group and is timed.

6. Assignments

Another added activity for players is taking assignments in a daily and weekly basis to earn a slew of rewards, such as Phoenix Credits or Division Tech.

These assignments can be accomplished within an hour or in a longer period.

Destiny April 12 Update

The April update for Destiny will soon bring the game's version to 2.2.0.

The upcoming update will throw in new gear, new player-versus-environment (PvE) challenges, and a new quest involving the Blighted Chalice plus bonuses.

1. Raised Max Light

Bungie says rewards and difficulty will be raised as "new challenges demand that you become even more powerful to overcome them."

2. Challenge of the Elders

This includes weekly boss battles, scoring, and rewards, along with gameplay twists. The developer says bosses and the gameplay modifiers change every week, for a total of 16 unique encounters.

3. Blighted Chalice Strike

This new strike is deemed the first. No known challenge within the game features the same name.

4. Winters Run Strike

This Taken-themed strike has a chance of dropping level-specific loots. This ends with the fight against Archon Priest.

5. Updated Difficulty and Rewards

Bungie says it has updated difficulty and rewards for Court of Oryx and King's Fall.

King's Fall Normal and Hard drops will soon be increased to Light Levels 320 and 330, respectively.

Court of Oryx Artifact Drops, in the meantime, will soon increase to Light Level 335.

6. New Rewards

Players will be treated with new, updated loots across all high level activities. Infusion also upgrades gear to the existing Light of the consumed item. For instance, once players infuse a 320 item into a 310 one, this will result to 320 Light.

7. Chroma

This is an interesting feature aimed to customize players' gear to match their personal style. Chroma can be applied to their weapons and armor, tweaking their color to yellow, red, blue or white.

8. New Gear

With this update, players will be able to collect three new gear sets, ranging from Desolate, Spektar and Spektar Heliopause.

9. Updated Versions Year One Legendary and Exotic Weapons

That's not all Bungie is putting on the table. The upcoming April update will likewise offer beefed-up versions of a bunch of Year One Legendary and Exotic weapons.

10. PlayStation-Exclusive Gear

The Destiny April update will also bring in PlayStation-exclusive gear, in the form of the Zen Meteor Exotic Rifle, Velumbra Sparrow and more. This means armor and weapons will be obtained by PS4 and PS3 gamers first.

11. Game-Breaking Bug Patch

Of course, it is anticipated that the new version will patch up the game-breaking bug that has been troubling users. This bug can lock gamers out of their accounts.

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