New 'Mike Tyson's Punch-Out' Easter Egg Discovered After Nearly 30 Years


Thirty years later Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! reveals a new Easter egg that lets the second-time gamers knock out Piston Honda or Bald Bull in a single punch.

The NES Punch-Out! lovers have always known there's a cue that lets them strike their opponents in a single hit, but the timing of the well-kept secret was anyone's guess. Until a Reddit user named 'midwesternhousewives' posted a video that finally discloses the game maker's hidden Easter egg.

The video shows a bearded man sitting on the front row duck his head at a point when the second-time players are struggling to defeat Piston Honda or Bald Bull. At that precise moment, if the gamer manages to deal out a punch, it knocks down the opponent in that single blow. However, first-time players are not that lucky as the beardy refuses to budge and belt out any such advantage.

Nor does it flinch in other fights. Some players have failed to dodge blows as they kept taking their eyes off the game to watch out for some sort of signal from the bearded man during fights with the likes of Mike Tyson, who was one of the most fearful opponents. Back in October 2014, the Punch-Out! gamers were treated to an epic fight where Mike Tyson faced his toughest opponent - himself.

Another Reddit user tips off that the same cue, that is the bearded man ducking, can be used to win Bald Bull's most fearsome move - the dreaded bull attack - in the second bout, with one punch. In 2009, yet another clue came to light when Satoru Iwata timed a camera flash in the crowd with his punch to take down Bald Bull.

The Punch-Out! revelations have once again managed to interest its fans to resume their fights and look for more of such hidden cues. But it makes one wonder: exactly how many more years will it take for the next visual cue to get the attention of a player?

Watch this video to see the visual cue which is not really a coincidence.

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