Jimmy Fallon Makes Our Childhood Dreams Come True: Mike Tyson vs. Mike Tyson In 'Punch-Out'


In case you may have forgotten, Mike Tyson was once immortalized in his own video game way back in 1987 -- Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the Nintendo Entertainment System. But players didn't play as Tyson in the old-school boxing game. Instead, Tyson starred as the game's final opponent, capable of bringing the player down for the count in one punch.

It's with that in mind that we present to you Mike Tyson fighting Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champ appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday, and at Fallon's urging, took up an NES controller to do battle with his pixelated doppleganger. Check it out.

Tyson looks genuinely amazed that Fallon managed to find a copy of the game. Supposedly, Tyson played Punch-Out for the first time last year when he defeated game's first opponent, Glass Joe. Keeping in mind that Tyson is going from the first battle to the last with no practice in between, Tyson puts up a decent fight against his video game self, getting on a few hot streaks before being knocked out. In case you didn't watch the video, the fight looked something like this:

Tyson appeared with Fallon to promote the Spike-Lee directed one-man show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. Though he didn't mention it, Tyson also has another project going on in the form of the completely ridiculous Adult Swim cartoon Mike Tyson Mysteries. The show stars Tyson, his Asian foster daughter, a ghost and an alcoholic pigeon solving mysteries. Maybe there is a reason Fallon didn't ask about it.

Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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