The season finale of The Walking Dead is still a hot topic of conversation for its fans, and many still feel cheated after the episode ended with a massive cliffhanger.

Please note that the following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale.

In The Walking Dead season finale, infamous comic book character Negan shows up, swinging his baseball bat, which eventually lands against the head of one of the show's main characters. Although AMC teased that the arrival of Negan would bring the death of another character, the final scene of the episode revealed absolutely nothing: Negan swung his bat on someone, but that someone was never revealed.

That cliffhanger proved so controversial that some fans swore they'd never watch another episode of the series, while others demanded that AMC release an additional episode before the season seven premiere to reveal who died.

One fan, though, decided to figure it all out and released two videos claiming that certain things within the scene unveil who Negan killed, nailing it down to one of two characters based on Negan's "eeny meeny miney mo."

The first video counts down each character as Negan addresses them, removing the sound to get rid of any distractions. The numbers count down to Glenn, perhaps indicating that Glenn is the one to bite the dust. This would keep the series in line with what happens in The Walking Dead comic books, too: in those stories, it's Glenn that Negan takes down.

The second video, though, comes up with a different answer to who Negan's victim is: Daryl. It uses a similar technique in figuring out who dies. Many fans would also argue that Daryl is a character who has outlived his usefulness on the series.

One thing is for certain with both videos, though: Rick and Carl both live because Rick gets fed his son's eye. The video also rules out Eugene as the victim because of how he's positioned next to Carl.

Fans will know for certain when The Walking Dead returns to AMC this fall. In the meantime, they can get their hands on the DVD and Blu-ray release of season six to hear Negan's entire uncensored speech.

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