Apple has hired another batch of famous names to add to its celebrity endorsers, hopefully catching the public's attention and focus on the Apple Watch.

Or the Hollywood star.

Definitely the product.

In any case, celebrities Jon Batiste, Alice Cooper, Nick Jonas, and returning, Chloë Savigny will now be added to the likes of Bill Hader, Alison Brie, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Taylor Swift, Aubrey Plaza, Steph Curry, Jamie Fox, Jon Favreau, Penelope Cruz, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and recently, Cookie Monster.

The trend Apple is walking on, as with all advertising, is a way to further promote and reach out niches in the market that these stars call out to.

It seems unnecessary, though, as seen from the way they build these commercials to incorporate a certain degree of humor while at the same time, getting the point across effectively.

Another reason is how Apple's customers stay loyal to the brand.

In a recent report, it was revealed that 62 percent of Apple Watch owners said that they'd buy the new update even without knowing what it was capable of. They'd buy it "just because."

Perhaps, Apple uses the same line of thinking and hire these actors, "just because" they can.

On its Youtube channel, with about 3,243,325 subscribers, Apple posted eight new advertisements called: "Row," "Climb," "Chase," "Golf," "Swap," "Surprise," "Rain," and "Find."


The first four advertisements highlight the Apple Watch's capabilities in areas of fitness and sports: "Row" and "Climb" depicts the Watch pushing its users to keep on exercising, acting very much like a personal cheerleader; in "Chase" the Jonas brothers are pit against each other, the Watch acting like a counter; and in "Golf," the Watch notifies its user that they're done for the day, despite several failed attempts at golf.



Under this category, the Watch showcases its wide range of customization options available for the user. In "Surprise," and "Rain" the Watch's easy connectivity helps its users adjust accordingly without delays, like pulling out and checking their phone; in "Swap," the Watch's adaptable straps and screens are highlighted, proving the Apple Watch can be suitable for either fancy or laid back gatherings; and finally in "Find," the Watch compliments users who frequently lose their phones because one way or another, phones are usually misplaced somewhere.

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