The Surface Pro 4 received praises over its performance, capabilities and features, and now the 2-in-1 tablet gets an accessory described by Microsoft as a "beauty to hold and behold."

Microsoft tapped into the Italian panache for design and created "a stunning two-tone gray mélange style of Alcantara" for its Signature Type Cover, which can easily replace the standard keyboard of the device. The Alcantara packs texture and style, a chapter where the default keyboard lags behind.

Some voices from the industry pointed out that the company should provide the type cover as an integral part of the Surface Pro 4 package. Microsoft seems to be convinced that drawing cash from its customers for its peripherals is a better plan, and by looking at the design improvement, we cannot blame them.

Alcantara does more than simply look gorgeous. Microsoft touts that the material is "going to get better with age" and it highlights the high-end material's features in a promotional video, no less. You may watch it below.

The Signature Type Cover for the Surface Pro 4 packs identical features with the default keyboard, but it is covered in Alcantara, a premium material that often gets used in car interior design.

Not only does the two-tone gray mix of Alcantara look beautiful, but it also feels better to touch, increasing potential productivity for the end user.

"The Signature Type Cover is ... giving you the perfect amount of travel in every keystroke, spaced keys for faster typing, and a larger glass trackpad," says Microsoft on the new Type Cover's presentation page.

Those interested can purchase the peripheral for a price tag of $159.99, which is quite a bargain considering the quality level of the product.

It should be mentioned that aside from the standard features, the new Type Cover features something we might call "backward compatibility." This means that the accessory sports support for the previous tablet from Microsoft, so owners of Surface Pro 3 tablets can type things in glamorous style, as well.

The Alcantara Type Cover weighs only 285 grams (10.05 ounces) and comes with a classic layout. A full row of function keys joins the dedicated buttons for Windows shortcuts, giving the user control over screen brightness and media controls.

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