Fans of the recently concluded Halo World Championship can now catch up on what to expect in the upcoming Halo 5 Championship Series: Pro League.

The winning team from the previous competition, Counter-Logic Gaming, has been offered a spot in the final eight, leaving seven other vacant spots up for grabs.

Qualifying teams for the empty spots will be determined through a series of competitions before the much-awaited 2016 Summer Finals.

These rounds will begin on April 24, through the Pax East Qualifier; April 30, Online Qualifier; May 8, Qualification Lan; May 14 to 15, Open Qualifiers; and May 21 to 22, Last Chance Qualifier.

Details of each round have also been given:

  • PAX East LAN Qualifier - April 24: Four invited teams, with the top team placing in Pro League (additional info about this round can be accessed here).
  • Invite Online Qualifier - April 30: 16 teams will be invited depending on Halo World Championship placings and historical Halo 5 Championship Series performance. The top eight teams from this qualifier will play in the May 8 LAN rounds.
  • Qualification LAN Tournament - May 8: The top eight teams from the online qualifier will fight it out for four spots in the Halo 5 Championship Series: Pro League. The top four teams from this LAN will secure their Halo 5 Championship Series Pro League spots.
  • Open Qualifiers - May 14 to 15: These matches will be open to all competitors, and will determine the top teams who will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Last Chance Qualifier - May 21 to 22: This multi-stage online qualifier will be the last chance for teams to qualify for Halo 5 Championship Series: Pro League and winners from the Open Qualifiers 1 and 2 will duke it out against the bottom 12 teams from the Invitational Qualifier. This final qualifier will award the last two spots in the Halo 5 Championship Series Pro League.

It is important to note too that all tournaments will be using the same map and game type rotation similar to the 2016 Halo World Championship Finals.

The 2016 Summer Season will kick off from June to July, pitting the eight qualifying teams against each other through a series of matches. All teams will be fighting each other twice throughout the season with weekly broadcasts. The entire schedule will be laid out before the season starts to ensure that fans and teams alike can synchronize their schedules and be prepared for the matches.

The top four ranking teams will be battling it out in the Summer Season Finals, the fifth and sixth ranked teams will be competing in the 2016 Fall Season while the remaining two lowest ranked teams will be pitted against top players from Halo 5 Championship Series: Open Circuit matches "during relegation," to secure their spots for the next season.

The new Open Circuit matches will be held after every season to give other players a chance to compete in Pro League relegation rounds for coveted spots in the Pro League season. These Open Circuit matches will enable players to form rosters, compete on a regular basis, and climb the standings in an active tournament scene.

Currently, 343 Industries is teaming up with Electronic Sports League (ESL) on: "options for a pick and ban system; bracket formats;" a new focus group or HCS Council to discuss updates on "maps, game types, formats, among others;" and new opportunities like "in-game E-sports skins."

Updates on the European matches are yet to be posted.

Be sure to stay tuned as we follow the updates on the upcoming Halo 5 Championship Series: Pro League.

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