Matthew McConaughey Is This Reddit User's Great-Great Grandfather Reincarnated


There is a good chance you have probably been told at least once in your life that you kind of resemble a celebrity. Depending on who that person is, you might feel very blessed that you inherited such good looks from your ancestors.

While there are some people that can pass for a celebrity's doppelgänger dead-on, there are other people (who ironically are now deceased) that take this to a whole other level.

There have been quite a few cases where people are looking through old family photographs to find that their ancestor shockingly looks like some famous star that is alive right now. This is exactly what redditor EmberRainbow found when looking at a picture of their great-great grandfather.

Take a good look at the photo and you won't be able to deny that Matthew McConaughey is this person's great-great grandpa reincarnated. Dressed in his finest suit with a handlebar mustache that suits him well, it's like we're looking right at a photo of the True Detective actor himself.

This is a man that could very well be solving crimes in his town, and even looks like the type to drive a Lincoln. However, he does also look like the type of guy to keep his shirt on, so that is where the similarities might end.

Still, we can't help but feel like this is a photo of the Oscar winner in costume for his next role. Interestingly enough, McConaughey proves just how he well he can play historic characters. On Tuesday at CinemaCon, the actor showed off a photo of himself as the Confederate soldier Newton Knight in Free State of Jones, who is based on an actual historical figure. And the similarities are stunning.

But since great-great grandpa was alive way before McConaughey, you kind of have to wonder just how these two look identical although they are not related.

Alight, alright, alright. You might be thinking this is just some strange coincidence, but this is not the first time someone's relative has come back as a Hollywood star.

There's that one picture of someone's relative that looks exactly like Nicolas Cage. From the hairline to just about every facial feature, this person is undeniably the actor in a previous life. Or should we say the actor is really this person.

Need more proof that Hollywood is just full of reincarnations? Take a look at this John Travolta lookalike. Even though this old image looks to be dated back to the Civil War days, this man looks eerily similar to the Phenomenon actor.

There are only a few ways we can explain what's going on here: this really is the blood line of McConaughey and the other actors, and good looks just run in the family; McConaughey, Cage and Travolta are part of a secret society of elite who can time travel; or these men decided to come back in another life to follow their dreams as an actor.

No matter how you try to explain it, it's still pretty spooky.

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