In 2014, Flappy Bird has taken the world by storm. It was originally developed by Vietnamese-based developer Nguyen Ha Dong and was released in 2013. The game did not take off until the following year, generating $50,000 a day in revenue from in-game advertising alone.


Millions of people were enticed by the little bird, trying to fly between rows of pipes. The incredible difficulty mixed with the cute aesthetic caused the game to go viral but eventually pulled down by the creator because it grew too fast.

But fear not, one intrepid e-cigarette enthusiast Balázs Bank has decided to resurrect Flappy Birdusing his personal vaporizer or mod. His YouTube video, demonstrating his VTC Mini e-cigarette running the Flappy Bird game, has went viral within hours.

In the description section of his video, Balázs Bank provided a step-by-step instruction on how to port the game to the vape device. He included a link to two firmware files for interested vapers and gamers to download. Bank, however, issued a disclaimer saying he will not take responsibility for any damaged device.

The e-VIC VTC Mini e-cigarette is made by Joyetech and flaunts upgradable firmware features. The e-VIC device line is designed to feature easy firmware updates for the end-user. However, installing third-party firmware may pose potential or permanent damage to the device.

Vapers who already downloaded the Flappy Bird game on their device reported that switching between two modes can be challenging. Once the game has been installed, the vaping features of the e-cigarette device will be disabled. Users will have to uninstall the firmware to resume to vaping.

Those who are not interested in playing Flappy Bird on their mod can rest easy. Bank has also created a mod-version of the first viral mobile game, Snake, which also works on the same device.

For vapers who are attempting to quit smoking entirely, perhaps their mods will have a use beyond nicotine consumption. There is always the option of playing Flappy Bird, as you can see in the video below.

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