Nintendo fans have already been having a great time with Super Mario Maker. The "create-a-Mario" game has received stellar reviews for its simple to use interface and the near limitless creative freedom it gives fans to create the Mario level of their dreams.

But making a masterwork Super Mario level isn't easy. Thankfully Nintendo has bundled in a helpful book with every copy of Super Mario Maker that might give you a few ideas of how to tackle the franchise's basic components.

Inside players will find page after page of gorgeous artwork alongside helpful examples. Need to brainstorm how you might use greenshells in your level? The book has a number of diagrams players can refer to in order to get their creative juices flowing. Wondering all the ways that will allow for Mario to bounce off an object and get some extra height? The book lists a number of options, from flying Koopas to in motion Bullet Bills.

One helpful image towards the end of the book highlights the various enemy areas of movement on a given course, allowing creators and players to understand at a glance how dangerous a typical Mario level can be.

Even if you aren't picking up the game (or are purchasing the game digitally), you can still check out the book in PDF form over on Nintendo's Japanese site. It features plenty of art to gawk over, including one page dedicated to the disturbing "skinny Mario" that is playable in the game. Cringe. Even still, it's nice to see Nintendo include this with every copy. It is becoming increasingly rare for video game publishers to include anything with a boxed copy of a game, much less a full color artbook, so this extra from Nintendo is appreciated.

Wondering what kind of creations fans have come up with already in-game? Be sure to check out this Super Mario shooter that one fan made. Or you could always play Flappy Bird.

Super Mario Maker releases on the Wii U Sept. 11.

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