Flappy Bird has done it again. Mass hysteria breaks out as fans bid $100K on an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed. Several other iPhones with the game are also listed on eBay for sale.

Would-be users of the popular Flappy Bird game are vying for several iPhones that have the game installed. The sellers have clearly picked up on the idea that Flappy Bird is highly addictive and some people will pay anything to get a chance to play it. Now that the creator of the game has pulled the app from the App store, Flappy Bird fans have no choice but to bid on ridiculously priced iPhones that already have the game installed.

Currently, the iPhone with the highest bid is a 4S from a seller in Australia. Its price is a whopping $134,295.00 at the moment and that's after just 24 offers were made. Some 117 people are watching the item and preparing to bid at any moment. Several iPhone 5S handsets with Flappy Bird installed are up for $99,000 or more and people are still bidding. The list continues with other options listed for $80,000-plus.

The cheapest iPhone with Flappy Bird onboard costs $0.01 cents and no one has bid on it, so perhaps there are a few sensible people left in the world.

Miraculously, though people are still bidding on the high-priced models. If Flappy Bird inspires such madness, perhaps its creator was right to pull the app from the Google Play and App stores. Of course, that certainly didn't stop users who had already downloaded the app. They continue to play Flappy Bird, pulling out their hair and cursing the game's creator. Perhaps the sellers are just trying to free themselves from the shackles of Flappy Bird and make a buck or two in the process.

Of course, high bids like these for trivial things often result in terminated sales, once the bidder realizes that maybe, just maybe, $100K is a bit too much to pay for Flappy Bird. A similar thing happened with the iPhone 5S in gold when there was a shortage and a waiting list for the coveted new color. The bidder offered $10,000 for the gold iPhone 5S and later decided not to go through with the purchase. It's also possible that the supposed bidders are bots and the iPhones might be pulled before a sale goes through.

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