Daniel Coster, one of the core members of the secretive industrial design team of Apple, is leaving the company to become the vice president of design for action camera manufacturer GoPro.

Coster, who had worked alongside Apple's chief design officer Jony Ive for 20 years, will join GoPro at the end of the month and will report directly to GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman.

In a press release announcing the hiring, GoPro said that Coster will be involved in all aspects of design for GoPro, covering software, hardware and services.

"Ironically, Danny and I first met in December 2001, on the beach in Sayulita, Mexico at the very start of the five-month surfing trip where I developed and tested the first GoPro prototype," Woodman said, expressing his and the company's excitement to have Coster on board.

Coster was involved in the design of several Apple products, including the iPhone 4 and the wireless keyboard of the iPad. He also has More than 500 design patents to his name, along with several utility patents, and has received recognition from international design organizations.

Coster also expressed his excitement for his move to GoPro, stating that he is looking forward to work with the company's team.

It would seem that it is not only GoPro and Coster that are excited about the hiring, as investors have also shown their support for the move.

After reports of Coster's hiring were published, the stock of GoPro surged throughout the trading session of April 13, rising by 19 percent to $13.90. GoPro shares were trading at a rate that was almost three times that of its average over the past three months.

The surge was much needed for GoPro, which has seen its stock plummet by 35 percent this year through April 12. The stock price of the company decreased by 72 percent in 2015, because demand for the company's action cameras have sunk.

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