Infiniti isn't playing fair.

The automaker isn't waiting for the 2016 Beijing Auto Show to flash a first look of its new QX Sport Inspiration.

On Wednesday, the company released a teaser shot of its next-generation, mid-size premium SUV, showing off a bold, dynamic design just ahead of the April 25 and 26 press days of the Beijing Auto Show. While we like what we see, the teaser has us wishing we can see more.

"The QX Sport Inspiration expresses a power and purpose that is uniquely Infiniti," Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti's executive design director, said in the automaker's press release statement, which was accompanied by the teaser shot. "With a flowing, natural aesthetic, this concept demonstrates how Infiniti can offer something new and exciting with future QX SUV models."

Infiniti says the new SUV was built around the company's "Powerful Elegance" design philosophy, with the QX Sport Inspiration standing out due to its "striking details and sophisticated craftmanship." Just as Infiniti points out, stare at this QX Sport Inspiration, and you'll be reminded of the automaker's Q60 Concept, which touts similar wide-wheel arches, despite being a smaller vehicle.

That Q60 Concept sports coupe put the automotive industry on notice last year about Infiniti's cutting-edge design cues, which you can see were borrowed and used with this new QX Sport Inspiration.

It's significant that Albaisa said "future QX SUV models," because if this glimpse is a taste of what's to come with the entire line, then Infiniti seemingly has a few winning vehicles on its hands. While under-the-hood specs haven't been announced ahead of the vehicle pulling up to Beijing, the current QX70 crossover runs on a 3.7-liter V6 engine, pumping out 325 horsepower, so thinking that this QX Sport Inspiration is in that same neighborhood shouldn't be too far-fetched.

We'll get a better feel for what's under the hood 11 days from now at Beijing — not to mention, a full view of this currently-concealed vehicle. From this snapshot alone, though, Infiniti seems to make us want to acknowledge and even focus on the QX Sport's headlights, which appear to be segmented in 11 tiny squares.

Just from the looks of it alone, there has to be some type of technological explanation, or at the very least, a pure design aesthetic for this type of headlight.

Nevertheless, Infiniti more than accomplished its goal of making us talk about this first look. Can't wait to learn more about the QX Sport.

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