Google has given new life to an old idea, old in smartphone years that is. The company now allows users to customize Live Cases for Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P.

Owners of any one of the three latest models of Nexus phones can customize their phone cases using a suite of Google provided tools.

The Live Cases have been priced at $35 and come in two varieties. There's the Photos Live Case and the Places Live Case.

For the Photos Live Case, users can submit custom images, and Google will print the art on the snap cases.

"Showcase a shot of your family, dog, or any other fave photo," says Google. "Just upload a pic to the site, choose a style, and you're done."

The design studio also includes photo filters and editing tools so that users can tinker with their case art until it imbibes the souls of their Nexus phones. And because the cases are "alive," they can pass on their DNA to the phones they protect.

"Snap on your case to see your home screen turn into a slideshow of poses that you handpicked from Google Photos," says Google. "To add more shots to your wallpaper, simply tap the shortcut button on the back of your case to launch your camera."

For the Places Live Case, users can submit their points from Google Maps and have the locations printed out on their snap cases. Instead of showcasing a library of personal pics, this one will use Maps and points of interests as live wallpapers.

While Google has indicated that the Live Cases are compatible with Android 4.4 or higher, it has also stated that it will work with the latest Nexus Phones: the 6, 6P and 5X. The camera placement on the older Nexus 5 apparently rules it out.

This isn't a new concept for Google and its Nexus phones. In May 2015, the company partnered up with EDM artist Skrillex to offer Nexus 6 Live cases based on his style and love of outer space.

The Skrillex Live Cases were a part of Google's Editions line and they started off at $40 each. His versions of the Live Cases also included links back to his YouTube channel.

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