If you are a Verizon customer and you own an Android handset, this news will certainly put a smile on your face: Verizon is giving away some extra 2 GB of data once you will use Google's Android Pay for your purchases.

This additional data the carrier is throwing in is good for two billing cycles, says Verizon, as reported by Android Central.

"Starting today, you can enjoy 2 GB of free Verizon data, good for two billing cycles, when using Android Pay," says Verizon. "Simply open the app to get started."

Google's mobile payment system is already preloaded on quite a few Android phones. However, if you don't have it, you can download the app via Google Play Store.

It is necessary that you have to complete three Android Pay purchases to get the offered 2 GB of data. After the first time you use Android Pay in your purchase, you are given 1 GB of free data. After two more purchases using this platform, you receive the additional of 1 GB.

This offering is available for Verizon subscribers until June 14 this year. You have to redeem the rewards by July 13.

It's worth mentioning that this offering is only dished out to postpaid customers on The Verizon Plan or More Everything plans.

Android Pay can be used at any of the 1.5 million locations that are accepting this payment method. The app works with devices running Android 4.4 or later and those that have support for Near Field Communication (NFC). One will only have to tap the device on an NFC terminal within participating stores to pay for items.

This is not the only promo Verizon is offering to its subscribers. Customers who decide to activate or upgrade a new device on the Verizon XL plan or higher plan can also receive 2 GB of extra data to burn every month. This is part of Verizon's "24 Free GB of data every year for life" promo, which the company has brought back.

Thanks to these promos, subscribers will be able to surf the Internet and stream music and videos for a longer duration, at not cost.

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