Blizzard has rolled out the most recent patch to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft bringing with it a new hero named Khadgar, Azeroth's protector mage.

Blizzard is selling the hero out with a $5 price tag as part of Apple's Apps for Earth fundraiser.

All the proceeds to be generated by selling this character will go to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

This game is only among the 27 apps and add-ons for apps participating in this fundraiser.

Apple's App Store consumers have to make note that they have until April 24 in purchasing DLC or special apps.

According to Apple, WWF is a perfect partner for the Earth Day promotion as it aims to conserve oceans, forests, wildlife, fresh water and food. It also helps in combating climate change across the globe.

Going back to character Khadgar, Blizzard says the new hero have similar stats and abilities as Hearthstone's present mage Jaina.

"He will have a unique entry animation, hero power animation and emotes," said Blizzard's Jason Chayes.

Chayes added that this character is among the most powerful, high-profile mages. Apart from being Medivh's apprentice, Khadgar also safeguards Azeroth from a lot of threats.

The developer will not be selling Khadhar when the fundraiser ends on April 24. However, it is worth mentioning that players who bought this character can still use it after the event.

Hearthstone Patch Notes

The update brings Hearthstone at version

"In this Hearthstone patch, we've added a new Hero portrait, a new card back and fixed some bugs," reads the blog post the developer has pushed out, discussing what's new on this game.

Apart from adding in Khadgar, Blizzard has also included a new card back called Clutch of Yogg-Saron. This card back is acquired at the end of the month by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Rank Play mode this month.

The developer likewise updated the Paladin Deck Recipe. It also provided a fix on a few graphical, audio and user interface problems. On top of that, Alleria will no longer use the entrance animation of Lady Liadrin when starting a game.

Other apps participating in Apple's fundraiser include Angry Birds 2, Disney Infinity, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Jurassic World: The Game and a lot more.

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