Mother's Day Gift Ideas: eBay Offers Big Discounts On iPhone 6, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium And LG G Flex2


Mother's Day is less than a month away and eBay has launched a series of deals on the latest gadgets for moms everywhere.

If you still have no clue as to the best gift to get your mother on May 8, here are some of the offers posted on eBay to help you find that perfect gadget your techie mom will love.

iPhone 6 - $669 (21 percent off)

A brand new 128 GB variant of the Apple iPhone 6 is up for grabs from seller YouBuyRite, which is rated with a positive feedback of 98.9 percent. Originally priced at $849, the unit is now sold for only $669 with 21 percent slashed off. Only a limited quantity of the gold color option is left in stock as 198 units have been previously sold.

Included in the bundle is an Apple iPhone 6, EarPods with a remote and mic, a lightning to USB Cable, and a USB Power Adapter. The product is "brand new [and] factory sealed in [its] original box."

LG G4 - $328.99 (38 percent off)

A new 32 GB variant of the LG G4 H815 is being sold by Never MSRP, which has a 99.9 percent positive rating. Originally priced at $529.99, the unit now sells for $328.99 with an almost 38 percent price cut. More than 2,300 units have been sold and limited quantities are left with black, brown, red, gold, and gold white color options.

Included in the bundle are the LG G4, headphones, a microUSB cable, the main charger, the battery and other gifts such as a North America AC adapter, car charger, premium screen protector, extra data sync and charge premium USB cable, and a stylus pen. The product is "brand new [and] in [a] sealed box."

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium - $589.98 (42 percent off)

A new 32 GB Premium Dual Sony Xperia Z5 E6883 is being offered by tropical_mobile, a seller with a 100 percent positive rating. Initially priced at $1,014.98, the unit now sells for $589.98 with an almost 42 percent discount. More than 430 units have been sold, with limited quantities still available in black, silver and gold.

Included in the bundle is the Sony Xperia, Sony's one-year warranty, the battery, charger, stereo headset, a USB cable and free gifts: a strap and premium tempered glass screen protector. The product will be delivered in a "sealed box."

LG G Flex2 - $239.99 (52 percent off)

An LG G Flex2 H950, the latest model, is up for sale from Qualitycellz, which has a 99.1 percent positive feedback. Originally priced at $499.99, the unit now sells for $239.99, with 52 percent slashed off. More than 12,200 have been sold and more than 10 are still available. The unit is "new, unlocked to AT&T and comes with [an] unlocking code."

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