Google Wants Chrome Apps, Extensions To Be More Transparent With User Data Collection


Last Friday, Google upgraded its Chrome Web Store's User Data Policy. Now, the company wants Chrome apps and extensions to be more transparent with its user data collection.

The updated policy requires all app developers to disclose their privacy practices on user data. The apps and extensions on the Chrome Web Store will now include a black and white privacy policy. Developers are also required to use encryption when handling sensitive information from users.

A more pronounced disclosure method will be used when data usage is not associated with an app or extension's prominent feature. Users are required to explicitly agree to the collection of sensitive and private data.

The upgraded policy also prevents data collection of the user's web browsing activity if data gathering is not needed for an app or extension's functionality.

"The new User Data Policy extends existing policies to ensure transparent use of the data in a way that is consistent with the wishes and expectations of users," wrote Google in its company blog.

Google announced that they will notify app developers who violate the upgraded User Data Policy. These developers will be given until July 14 this year to comply with the new rules.

Apps and extensions that violate the new terms will be automatically removed from the Chrome Web Store starting July 15. They will not be reinstated unless they comply with the newly upgraded policy.

The recent User Data Policy upgrade further safeguards the privacy of its users. Just last year, Google blocked the extensions that are not listed on the Chrome Web Store.

Early in the game, Chrome gave users options to protect their privacy on the web such as the incognito mode. All these privacy features add to the quality and security of the Chrome browsing experience.

"Principles of transparency and choice over how users' personal data is handled have long been key parts of Google's philosophy," added Google who makes it a priority to protect their users.

The company believes that this upgraded policy will help users become more aware of how their user data is being used. It will also enable the users to allow how they want their data to be handled.

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