Never Be Judged By Netflix Again For Binge-Watching With This Chrome Extension


Netflix knows how much we love watching series on the platform, as it continues to release more original series as well as those we never caught on prime-time TV. Once we find a new series to watch, it's easy to get sucked into these storylines, not wanting to leave the couch until we find out what happens next. Just one more episode turns into a weekend spent on the couch with take out.


And while Netflix supports our binge-watching habits, that doesn't stop it from judging us every few episodes.

We have all been there when we are innocently waiting for the next episode to play and a message pops up asking if we are still watching the title. The subscriber then has to click on "continue watching" to play the next episode. It seems as though it's Netflix's way of saying it's time to step away from the screen and go out into the real world.

Now subscribers never have to be judged by Netflix again for their binge-watching sessions thanks to this Chrome extension that gets rid of the message for us.

Normally, the "continue watching" message appears every three to four episodes. But after downloading the Chrome extension Flix Assist, users will no longer have to manually tell Netflix that they are still there.

The extension works by atomically clicking the "continue watching" button for users. Flix Assist also skips the "Next episode in..." countdown that appears when an episode ends and the credits roll.

Because of this feature, a Reddit user found that this helps get rid of the "continue watching" message altogether.

"After watching about 5 hours of TV, I've learned that the extension never has to click the 'Continue watching' button because when it clicks the next episode button every time the countdown starts, Netflix thinks you're there clicking next episode every time so they don't interrupt," Redditor keyframeezy writes.

Those who have installed the extension praise it first for working, and secondly for letting them go on serious Netflix binges without the judgment.

But this Netflix hack is only for Chrome browsers. That means those who use the Netflix app on their PS4 or Xbox 360 will have to still annoyingly turn on their controller to click the button.

At least we can now watch all the Netflix we want in bed without the platform itself making sure we don't want to go do other things.

Source: Reddit

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