A buzz is making rounds on the Internet suggesting that Apple's iPhone 7s will purportedly sport an all glass enclosure. On top of that, it will also feature an AMOLED display.

This most recent rumor originated from KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who is renowned for his accurate predictions in the past.

A report from Apple Insider says it obtained a copy of a note issued by Kuo to investors on Sunday, revealing that the Cupertino-based company is intending to ditch the aluminum iPhone casing in favor of a glass-backed device with AMOLED screen.

While Apple already leverages the OLED technology in its wearable Apple Watch, its iPhones continue to rock LCD technology.

Another interesting tidbit with this new rumor is the analyst believes that while glass is a bit heftier as opposed to aluminum for an iPhone casing, the adoption of the AMOLED screen will compensate for the extra weight.

Moreover, Kuo says that while all of the iPhone models presently feature aluminum bodies, he predicts that the figure will fall to 40 percent, or even less, as soon as the iPhone 7s comes out in 2017.

With regard to worries that the all glass iPhone 7s will fail in a slew of drop tests, Kuo underscores that this is not going to be a roadblock in Apple's decision to go for the new glass iPhone, given that its iPhone 4 and 4s already relied heavily on glass, reports 9to5Mac.

Apple used glass for its iPhone 4 and 4s, both on the phone's front and back panels. However, the phones also have a stainless steel band. If the report holds true, the upcoming iPhone 7s will not even have the metal band around its edge.

Kuo is likewise convinced that switching to a glass-backed iPhone will give Apple customers a "feeling of freshness," which also allows it to still lead the race in the already overcrowded market.

However, a report from PhoneArena says that if this new design for the iPhone arrives in 2017, it could spell trouble for Apple, because it will be hard convincing consumers to upgrade without the flagship "looking basically the same three years in a row."

This buzz comes hot on the heels of another rumor claiming that Apple has reportedly inked a $2.6 billion agreement with Samsung to supply OLED panels for the iPhone displays.

As there is nothing official yet, it is best to file this report in the rumor category for now. We'll keep you updated on any details regarding the upcoming iPhone 7s.

In related news, Tech Times reported the iPhone 7 will come out in September 2017.

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