The group of survivors aboard The Abigail has met floating zombies in the first episode of the new season. Relationships were tested in the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, although the group's moral dilemma in episode two is not just about their own survival but the fate of others as well.

While the bond between Travis and Chris has become weak because of Liza's death in the first episode, the survivors get to meet a family that is seemingly fine in spite of everything that has happened. However, let us just put it out there: any family that seems to still be fine and dandy in spite of a zombie apocalypse is at least 80 percent not fine, which is exactly what the episode shows. By the way, spoiler alert!

The group finds themselves on an island where an isolated family of five has been living, even getting invited for a nice meal and a night of good rest. George, the head of the family, is intent on keeping his family together, even if in isolation, than to let them die with strangers. Melissa, George's wife, cannot do much since she suffers from multiple sclerosis, so even if she did want to leave the island, she won't last a day with zombies lurking everywhere.

Immediately, the audience would get the feeling that something is terribly wrong - or perhaps we have just watched too many psycho killer films - but Madison and company do sense the same odd feeling.

There's a clash of ideas with regard to what is best for the family because George wants to keep everyone together while Melissa wished to at least have the youngest children taken out of isolation.

So what should the group of survivors do? Abide by the rule of their host, George, and leave his family alone or honor Melissa's wish to allow her youngest children to see something other than the isolation they have lived in?

As it turns out, the kids would not have much time because George had planned all along to keep his family together even in death. That is to say, he was going to carry out a coordinated family suicide, and this gives Nick - who discovers the poison - and the others the push to grant Melissa's request.

Unfortunately, George caught them attempting to take the kids away. None of the adults seemed to remember that adult supervision is needed when there are drugs involved because Willa, the little girl, finds the poison laid out and eats it like it is candy. Of course the little girl dies and, of course, she turns into a zombie and samples her own mother.

The group grabs Harry, George and Melissa's younger son, and runs to the yacht, only to be forced to return him when George catches up, points his gun at them and makes them leave the boy.

The group sails away without new members, but they see zombiefied Melissa being shot by her oldest son.

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