In an effort to combat a slew of issues to the Halo 5: Guardians' campaign mode, 343 Industries announces that it has carried out a bevy of campaign balance tweaks, which include increased difficulty for single player, increased effectiveness of Al Plasma Pistol and more.

The developer's Senior Systems Designer Christ Proctor reveals the specific changes to the campaign in a blogpost at Halo Waypoint and explains why it is throwing in these modifications.

The team spent a few months digesting feedback from players, let's play videos, reviews along with internal feedback to fix some parts of the game that plagued some of the gamers and the team as well.

"I took the opportunity to touch global difficulty tuning and address areas where Halo 5's difficulty was spiky, too easy or inconsistent," says Proctor.

List Of Changes

Without further ado, here is a run-through of the changes the Halo 5 campaign balance update has brought with it.

1. The two-player difficulty was slightly lessened and the single player difficulty was increased. Proctor says some people believe the single player is a little too easy while the two-player co-op play is slightly trickier than planned.

2. The developer also made Warden attacks simpler to dodge, especially on lower difficulties.

3. It increased the effectiveness of Al Plasma Pistol, Beam Rifle and Needler.

4. It made the Warden easier to execute from the front.

5. It lessened the effectiveness of Al Storm Rifle, Light Rifle and Suppressor.

6. It reduced the damage output of the Al Focus Turret.

7. It increased the durability of Soldier Officer, Elite plus Elite Officer.

8. The Soldier bamf frequency is reduced.

9. The Sword Elites' tackle animation was added in.

10. Killing a Crawler now deals area-of-effect damage to the close by foes, killing them outright or softening them.

11. The frequency of Squad Al getting killed while in gunner's turret inside a gamer's vehicle was reduced.

12. Being killed by an attached Plasma Grenade was made non-revivable.

13. The Al promotion chance with player count in co-op games was increased.

14. With the update onboard, the first gamer to press the "Call for Help" now has priority. Other gamers need to wait for their turn for them to be revived.

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