There is nothing more satisfying when you are texting than having the opportunity to use one of your favorite emojis to help express how you feel. Sometimes, nothing can better convey what you are trying to say better than the hands clapping or face with tears of joy emoji.

However, another favorite emoji of yours may come to mind when you are trying to express how proud you are of yourself when sharing big news, how great you know you look in that selfie or when you want to gloat to say how you know we were right: that sassy female emoji.

With her pink shirt and her arm up, palm facing upwards, it's like this sassy little lady is raising the roof. Because Unicode provides us with the real meanings behind emojis, you might be disappointed to find that that she really stands for "information desk person."

You probably are staring at this character closely, trying to make a connection to her and "information desk person." Ugh, she's so misunderstood.

Well, you aren't the only one who sees that sassy female emoji is meant to do more things than just sit around at a desk. Jessi Stern posted a theory about what this emoji could really mean on her Facebook page, and she really could be onto something.

The 26-year-old argues that this emoji is actually part two of a pair of emojis meant to be used together. Instead of being a standalone character, this emoji is mean to be used with the emoji describing a haircut to tell a complete story.

"Look, in the hair cutting one she has long hair that gets cut at her shoulders, and then she's show [sic] it off," Stern wrote. "There is meaning to everything in life," she added.

If that theory holds true, then it would be best to describe this emoji as that feeling you get when you just got your hair done. From now on, you might just want to put these two together when you post your "after" selfie when you are fresh from the salon.

While this explanation does mean this emoji is feeling sassy with her new 'do, she could also be used in an even larger narrative. There is another theory that previously surfaced on Twitter that all the emojis of the female in the pink shirt go together to tell the story of a wedding. This could include the haircut emoji, nails being polished and of course, the actual bride emoji.

OK, this theory is a bit more humorous, but it raises a good point that a lot of the emojis can be used together to tell stories.

For now, we are standing behind this haircut emoji. At least it's a way for this sassy chick to be who she is really meant to be.

Source: Tech.Mic

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