Apple redesigned the App Store developer website, filling it with a slew of how-to and explanatory videos and articles to help app makers understand the ins and outs better.

The content is divided into four branches: one dedicated to planning apps, one for the tools to prepare an app for submission, one for the App Store guidelines and one for Developer Insights. About the last section, it features success stories of other developers, giving readers a glimpse of what they can expect when they pursue this path.

One notable example here is the story of Brian Mueller, the self-taught developer behind Grailr and the Carrot app.

"I think if you're honest with people and you explain it well, they're going to be more than happy to pay that fee if there's a good reason for it," he says about the paymium model.

To get a better idea of what else the website has in store, there are topics that range from "Discovery on the App Store" and "Choosing a Category" to "Engaging Users with App Updates" and "User Acquisition Marketing with App Analytics" under the planning segment. As everyone can imagine, it covers a wide variety of subjects that'll help anyone build an app from the ground up.

Now, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that it's hard for developers to get their apps get the attention they deserve on the App Store on account of the avalanche of competing programs. With that said, Apple is thinking over implementing paid searches, allowing contenders to gain the upper hand against the others and become more prominent in search results.

This revamp to the App Store developer site is just one of the ways that the Cupertino brand is taking to give every developer out there a fair chance to make it big.

"The App Store makes it simple for users around the world to discover, download and enjoy your apps. Grow your business with resources designed to help you create great apps and reach more users," Apple says.

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