Reports started to surface regarding the PlayStation 4.5 in March. Also known as the PlayStation 4K, the new game console will allegedly be a more powerful version of the current PS4.

It was previously said that the PlayStation 4.5, which will be sold alongside the PlayStation 4, will be capable of higher-end video game experiences, including virtual reality. The two consoles will likely feature the same games though, as Sony would not want to split its user base into PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4.5 users.

A new report by Giant Bomb revealed more information regarding the upcoming video game console, as provided to the website by multiple sources.

Internally, the new video game console is referred to as the PlayStation Neo. The sources did not provide the expected price for the device, though it has been previously reported that it will carry a price tag of $399.

What's New In The PlayStation Neo

It was reported that the PlayStation Neo will have a higher clock speed of 2.1 GHz compared to the 1.6 GHz of the PlayStation 4. In addition, it will have an improved GPU, packing an AMD GCN with 36 CUs at 911 MHz compared to an AMD GCN with 18 CUs at 800 MHz for the original console. Lastly, the PlayStation Neo is also said to feature higher bandwidth for its memory at 218 Gbps, compared to 176 Gbps for the PlayStation 4.

In line with its PlayStation 4K moniker, the PlayStation Neo will support 4K output. However, games are not required to run at 4K resolution, and for those who will connect the console to a 4K television, the games will be upscaled to fit the resolution.

PlayStation Neo Mode

In addition to the hardware improvements of the PlayStation Neo, sources also revealed that beginning October, games released for the PlayStation 4 will have two modes, namely a base mode for the original PlayStation 4 and a Neo mode that would be able to take advantage of the more powerful hardware of the PlayStation Neo.

In the obtained documents, developers are allowed to release games ready for the PlayStation Neo before the console launches, which means that the October deadline for PlayStation 4 games to include a Neo mode does not necessarily set the month as the release of the new console.

Games that have been previously released could also obtain a Neo mode, if the developers are willing to release a patch for their titles.

The PlayStation Neo And The PlayStation 4

Keeping in line with previous information, the report claims that Sony will be using the same PSN store and online communities for the PlayStation Neo and PlayStation 4. There will be no games or features that will be exclusive to the PlayStation Neo, and no separation will be made on the PSN between PlayStation Neo gamers and PlayStation 4 gamers.

Peripheral support will also be the same between the PlayStation Neo and the PlayStation 4, which means that there will be no exclusive PlayStation VR modes coming only to PlayStation Neo owners.

The Future Of The PlayStation

While Sony is releasing a new console, it is evident that the company is making sure that the users of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Neo will not be divided.

It remains to be seen if an upgrade option for PlayStation 4 owners will be offered, but with the pending release of the PlayStation Neo, it could mean that a price cut is coming, which would make the PlayStation 4 more accessible to a wider audience.

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