Remember back when you were a child and your parents would always yell that you were sitting to close to the TV? You might be finding yourself doing the same thing with your little ones, only this time, it's when they are using a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile devices are probably part of your child's life, whether it's to let them play games, watch a movie or read a book. While smartphones and tablets are a great way for kids to learn and be entertained, they often hold the screens a little too close. We all know that this can be bad for their eyesight.

However, now, there is a solution to this problem that doesn't consist of you having to take the devices away from them. Nope, no tantrums here.

Samsung launched an Android app that prevents kids from holding their devices too close to their faces.

Called Samsung Safety Screen, the app makes sure the child holds the device at the ideal distance so that they do not strain their eyes or cause other potential damage to their vision.

It does so by using facial recognition technology to detect when the device needs to be held out at more of a distance.

Samsung Safety Screen runs in the background so that other apps can run at the same time. As the child is watching a movie, series or playing a game, a screen that features a multi-eyed friendly monster will then pop up to alert the child they have to move back from the screen if they are too close.

The pop-up window will remain open until the user holds out the device to be in the ideal viewing distance. It will then disappear once they do so.

The app helps make sure that kids are reminded to keep a healthy separation between their face and their tablet without feeling too invasive.

The parent can also create a username and password to prevent the child from deactivating the app. However, the best part is that they no longer have to disturb their child when they are immersed in their favorite Netflix kids' series or game.

Samsung Safety Screen is available to download for free from the Google Play Store.

Source: Samsung Safety Screen

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