It was earlier reported that a board game based on the Dark Souls video game franchise will be launching a Kickstarter campaign this month, with Steamforged Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment collaborating on the project.

Fans of the franchise certainly did not expect a Dark Souls board game to be made. However, with the performance of its Kickstarter campaign, stating that fans are excited for the board game would be considered an understatement.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Dark Souls - The Board Game had a goal of raising £50,000, equivalent to about $72,000. Amazingly, the amount was reached just three minutes after the campaign was launched. At the time of writing, the project already has nearly 5,000 backers with almost £400,000 in pledges received, equivalent to about $575,000. The amount that the campaign will raise will surely still increase, as there are 26 days to go.

Dark Souls - The Board Game is described in its Kickstarter page as a "strategically challenging, deeply immersive combat exploration game for 1-4players," and through that description alone, Dark Souls fans would be interested.

The game will allow players to choose between the Knight, Warrior, Herald and Assassin classes as their character, each with unique abilities, as they explore different locations filled with monsters, treasures and fatal boss fights. The bosses featured in the board game are the Dancer of the Boreal Valley and the team of Executioner Smough and Dragon Slayer Ornstein.

Dark Souls - The Board Game features a "dynamic positioning system" for fluid and fast-paced combat, with players and monsters moving around the battlefield. Equipment, weapons and armor can be picked up or earned while playing, but players only have limited slots for items to carry. The game also uses a simple stamina system that could leave players vulnerable if they do not control their actions.

For Dark Souls fans that are also looking to make a pledge to the campaign, there is only one pledge level that keeps things simple. For a pledge of £75, which is about $108, the return is a copy of the board game upon its estimated release in April 2017 plus all applicable stretch goals.

In the campaign, all stretch goals unlocked that are not add-ons will be automatically included in pledges. This means that with more people pledging to the campaign, the better the board game will be for everyone upon its release.

For those that are still on the fence on whether to support the Kickstarter campaign or not, here is the project's campaign video and gameplay videos, which might sway you to pledge.

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