RuneScape released a new variant of its game engine, and the recent RuneScape NXT comes with enhanced gameplay experience and stellar graphics.

In a newly released promotional clip, captions underline the main differences that the new client brings. From enhanced graphics to a larger field of view for players, and from texture mapping of high resolution to polished lighting effects and shadows and realistic water effects, everything comes together to assist RuneScape in being great again.

The latest client for RuneScape NXT went live on April 18, and gamers can download it from the official Runescape website. The gaming company catered to the needs of every gamer and released client versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The developers point out that RuneScape NXT was coded so it makes the most out of every gaming rig, and offers mesmerizing graphics to boot.

Jagex makes clear that the client went through a consistent period of beta testing, involving multiple system configurations. However, it notes that some bugs and incompatibilities are still going to happen.

Luckily, the developer has your back in the unfortunate event that you encounter a glitch.

"[J]ust click the flag icon on the in-game chat interface or visit the forums, and describe the problem along with your PC spec. The team will get you up and running as soon as possible," Jagex assures players.

The gaming company commends the patience and diligence of the "legion of testers" who logged in during beta weekends, as through their collective efforts a number of bugs were unveiled and fixed prior to the release.

We would like to remind you of the thrilling possibility that RuneScape will be Oculus Rift compatible. According to a Tech Times report on a list of Oculus-compatible games, the virtual reality headset will support the MMORPG title at an unspecified date.

Wondering through Gielinor was never as immersive, and the latest update should make the experience even smoother.

Those who feel like experiencing the magical planes on their mobile device can do so, with the iOS and Android RuneScape companion apps.

Check out the video that showcases the improved RuneScape NXT engine, below.

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