'Exploding Kittens' Now Available On Android: New Cats, Hilarity And More


Exploding Kittens has finally been rolled out for Android on April 20. The game has been wildly popular on the iOS platform ever since it kick-started last year, and now the Android users can join the fun.

The party game can be played with a minimum of two people and maximum of five, and when you have no friends available, you can log in online and play with random strangers as well.

The strategic party game has been launched for $1.99, which is a super deal versus the $20 original edition of the physical game available on Amazon. There's also an in-app purchase for another $1.99 that lets you expand your party pack with more cards, although that seems like an unnecessary expense. The expansion pack contains some new cards that seem like a forceful addition and, frankly, can be done without.

The game is based on the Russian Roulette, only it has kittens instead of bullets. While you may have thought of kittens as cute and fluffy creatures till now, wait till the card deck doles out an "Exploding Kitten" your way and you'll hurriedly change your mind. This vicious little card is set to decimate you, unless, of course, you have a counter-attack card to defuse the attack, or pass it on to a friend. A little bit of a relationship destroyer, this card game is quite intense, with the last player standing ultimately winning the round.

The multi-player card game was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns last year, and then it exploded as a chart topper on the iOS gaming platform. The masterminds behind the game are two guys from Xbox and Matthew Inman of The OatMeal. Their collaborative effort resulted in a chart-topping card game with crazy cards and hilarious outcomes -- perfect for a house party.

If you haven't gone for the game already, download it from the Google Play Store, like, now.

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