The unexpected passing of pop music icon Prince on April 21 shocked pretty much everyone so it is no surprise that television shows and networks have altered their schedules in order to air their tribute for the Grammy Award Winning musician.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) already led the pack when it Tweeted a photo of a purple nebula-the color closely associated with Prince-and, while television programs will air reruns of episodes which the eccentric singer made a cameo appearance in, Saturday Night Live (SNL) will be dedicating its entire show to the pop star.

The NBC comedy sketch show will air a special episode titled "SNL Goodnight Sweet Prince" which will go over some of Prince's most memorable performances on the show-and fans should expect many of those because the singer has appeared as a musical guest on SNL since the 1980s and he even had an amazing non-stop eight minute performance on the show in 2014.

SNL has only scheduled a re-airing of its April 2 show for April 23-the episode wherein Peter Dinklage hosted for the first time and Gwen Stefani appeared as the musical guest-so it will not really be moving around too much in order to pay its respects to one of the greatest musicians in the world.

But SNL is not the only show that has a tribute for Prince scheduled. FOX has already scheduled a re-airing of the New Girl episode which the musician appeared in on April 26 at 9:30 PM.

OWN will air Oprah's interview with Prince from The Oprah Winfrey Show from 20 years ago and this is scheduled on April 23 at 8 PM. NBC's Dateline will air a special hour-long tribute titled "Prince: Life & Death of an Icon" on April 22 at 10 PM and its focus is on Prince's life and legacy as an iconic musician. At the same date and time, ABC scheduled its own tribute titled "Prince: Death of a Legend" which will air on 20/20.

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