The otherworldly disturbances are getting closer and the new ghost busting team is prepared with better knowledge about the paranormal from the old team and more powerful weapons to defeat the ectoplasmic threats.

Now three months before the new Ghostbusters officially opens for business, the four women in the team-plus Slimer-are gracing the covers of Empire Magazine to show that they can and they will face new paranormal threats.

Empire Online released photos of the variant covers of its magazine's June 2016 issue will have. First up is the cover you will be able to see in the newsstands. This cover features a very close up image of Slimer in his signature slimey look, sporting a huge smile as if whoever was looking at the cover was a delicious food. Behind him stands particle physicist turned Ghostbuster Erin Gilbert, played by Kristen Wiig, holding her proton pack and ready to shoot at the first sign of non-human movement.

Take a look at the Empire exclusive photo below.

Empire Magazine subscribers will get a bonus because, not only would they receive the Slimer close up cover, they also get a fun image of the four women of the Ghostbusters crew literally jumping to action. The limited edition collector's cover shows Erin Gilbert, Nuclear Engineer Jillian Holtzmann played by Kate McKinnon, Abby Yates played by Melissa McCarthy and MTA Worker turned Ghostbuster Patty Tolan played by Leslie Jones getting serious about Ghostbusting.

"Bustin' makes us feel good," is printed under the photo of the Ghostbusters team. Although, out of the four women, only Jillian Holtzmann seems to be enjoying everything because the other three look a little too serious to convey enjoyment. Take a look at the special cover below.

Those two covers are not the only new promotional photos for the movie. Three new character posters, along with a memorable line, was released. Take a look below.

The new issue of Empire Magazine will be available on April 28 and Ghostbusters will bust into cinemas, proton packs and all, on July 15. Watch the trailer below.

While we all wait for the Ghostbusters' cinematic release, let's swim in nostalgia and drink the Hi-C Ecto Cooler this summer.


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