Apple fans who want to purchase the latest iPhone 6s or 6s Plus can now take advantage of the company's iPhone Upgrade Program, which is now available for purchases that are made online.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program is an easy way for users to get a new iPhone device every 12 months. This means that users can swap their devices for a new one each year while also being able to reset their payments. Apple said that users can also choose the carrier and rate plan that meet their needs.

"When you buy iPhone 6s with the iPhone Upgrade Program, your new iPhone is unlocked so you can choose your carrier, get the coverage of AppleCare+, and get a new iPhone after 12 low monthly payments," says Apple.

With the iPhone Upgrade Program, users can purchase the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s from $32.41 a month, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus can be purchased from $36.58 a month. Installment plans are for 24 months which also include AppleCare+ and an unlocked device.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is currently limited to Apple's latest flagships, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

When Apple launched its iPhone Upgrade Program, it had initially required customers to purchase their iPhone devices in one of Apple's brick and mortar stores in order to take advantage of the service. Customers were asked to pay a flat monthly fee and were given the option to upgrade their device every year.

Early data released in January showed that Apple's iPhone upgrade initiative helped boost around 250,000 unit sales of iPhone devices during the quarter when customers had been busy doing their holiday shopping. According to Citizen's Financial Group, Apple's loan partner in the upgrade program, it financed $220 million worth of iPhone purchases in a December announcement. Likewise, Piper Jaffray also estimated the purchases to reach around a quarter- million.

Analyst Gene Munster said that the revealed figure covered between 3 to 5 percent of all purchased iPhone 6s devices through Apple's physical stores.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is not applicable to SIM-free devices and those tied with T-Mobile since users are still required to pay in full amount.

The full amount for the iPhone 6s starts from $649, while the iPhone 6s Plus starts from $749.

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