Sometimes, you've got to go when you've got to go. While some of you may think that the only place to do your business is the bathroom, that's not the case for all Americans. Many people actually do the No.1 not in a toilet.

A recent survey by YouGov, a global market research company, found that Americans pee in the bathroom and outside of the bathroom, in private and in public. Ah, the land of the free to pee.

YouGov looked at the hygiene habits of 1,169 Americans and found that most of them have urinated in places other than a restroom. These locations include the shower (62 percent of respondents), in a bush or tree in a non-residential area (53 percent), in the ocean (41 percent) and, unfortunately, in a swimming pool (36 percent). But hey, at least in most of these locations you're in water anyway. And right or wrong, it's fairly common for people to pull over on the side of the road to pee in a shrub. Plus, when you're camping in a forest, finding a john isn't always an option.

Where the results get interesting is in the gender divide. More men are represented in each category than women, but for locations where you're in the water, such as the shower, sea, swimming pool or bath, the percentage of men and women who have ever urinated in these places is quite close. However, for places like in a bush or tree, in the yard or in the street, men overwhelmingly have done this more than women. However, with different, shall we say plumbing, for each gender, it makes it easier for men to take a leak in places where you usually have to stand to urinate.

But don't worry. The survey also found that 58 percent of people bathe or shower every day, and 19 percent of people do it once every two days, which still isn't that bad. Alarmingly, there are people who never shower, to the tune of 3 percent of male respondents and 0 percent of female respondents. What a hygienically diverse, germ-infested world we live in. 

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