On some carriers, the unlocked model of HTC's latest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10, supports the Wi-Fi calling feature, which allows users to make calls and send text messages over Wi-Fi networks instead of cellular networks.

Previously, Wi-Fi calling could only be used on handsets that were branded by carriers. However, the recent trend sees the feature being added to unlocked versions of Android smartphones, including the Huawei Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the developer preview of the Android N operating system.

The HTC 10 would be the latest Android smartphone to support the feature on its unlocked models, as confirmed by Android news website Android Central. The feature has been tested to work on the unlocked European HTC 10 in the UK under the carrier EE and on the unlocked U.S. HTC 10 under T-Mobile.

The unlocked HTC 10 under UK's Vodafone has not been working so far though, which could be because the carrier is not officially offering the smartphone.

No other carriers and territories were mentioned by the report. However, it definitely proves that Wi-Fi calling is indeed available for the unlocked HTC 10, albeit not for all carriers but most likely for ones that support the feature to begin with. For unlocked HTC 10 users who can access the feature, consider yourselves among the lucky ones.

Similar to the Galaxy S7, setting up Wi-Fi calling on the HTC 10 is done by simply connecting the smartphone to a Wi-Fi network with a SIM and carrier settings installed properly.

The feature is not exclusive to Android devices though. Last month, AT&T also began offering the Wi-Fi calling feature to subscribers who are traveling abroad using their iPhones, further expanding the feature's uses and allowing users to save on additional charges. The iPhones were required to have been upgraded to iOS 9.3 though, but the return is that users will no longer need to use international minutes and plans to make calls back home.

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