New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Shows More Footage Of Black Panther


In 10 days, all war breaks loose in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

The film, which pits Captain America against Iron Man, will launch into theaters next week, perhaps bringing one of the Marvel cinematic universe's largest story lines to film. And thanks to all the trailers and videos released, it looks like this is one of those movies where fans will need large tubs of popcorn and soda because so far, it looks like the kind of movie that will keep viewers on the edges of their seats.

The film also brings new superheroes into the Marvel cinematic universe, including Spider-Man and Black Panther. Although Marvel released trailers highlighting Spider-Man's role in the new movie, it seems fans are most eager about Black Panther's first live-action gig.

A new trailer not only offers up new footage of the black-clad superhero, but also unveils a few more teases about what fans can expect from Civil War. There's a scene here showing Steve Rogers as a pallbearer for someone's funeral, indicating that someone close to him will die. It seems that Steve is upset about this death, so fans better brace themselves for tears.

Black Panther might appear in a movie full of superheroes, but he doesn't really consider himself one. Previous teasers also hint that he won't take sides during Civil War, but will attempt to act as a mediator to bring both teams back under control.

"All heroes have a weight on their shoulders, but there will eventually be a difference in what I have to carry politically and socially," Chadwick Boseman, the actor portraying the character, said to Empire Magazine.

Black Panther will also eventually get his own film, directed by Ryan Coogler. It's likely that film will delve into the character's back story as a member and eventual leader of the advanced African nation of Wakanda. In the comic books, the character gains his powers by eating a special herb that grants him superhuman senses, strength, stamina, speed, reflexes and healing. Black Panther is also an expert in martial arts and other various fighting styles.

Captain America: Civil War lands in theaters on May 6.

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