A new rumor is spreading like wildfire suggesting HTC is set to build the upcoming two Android N Nexus devices.

Famous leakster Evan Blass (@evleaks) reports on Twitter that the company is presently building the Android N devices that are internally codenamed M1 and S1.

Blass, however, does not go into detail if these devices are smartphones or tablets. Speculation is rife, however, that they could rock different display sizes.

For those who aren't aware yet, Android N is Google's most recent mobile operating system that is currently available on preview to those who consider themselves developers.

A separate report from Android Police, in the meantime, adds fuel to this recent rumor, saying that Blass's revelation is "likely accurate" and that these devices carry codenames we'd never expect.

"[W]e believe Google is, as has now been reported multiple times, working on two Nexus phones in cooperation with HTC," reads the report. "We believe those devices are codenamed Marlin and Sailfish."

Android Police even shows a piece of evidence, the AOSP Gerrit reference, a code review tool.

The report says a senior Qualcomm engineer was referencing Marlin in this tool, adding that Qualcomm likely knows a lot about Google's next Nexus devices, if these will come fitted with Qualcomm chips.

Previous rumors said HTC named these devices as HTC T50 and T55, probably hinting at their screen sizes. These names, however, have been dropped, it seems.

At any rate, we will learn more about these Nexus phones, for instance their release dates and prices, at the Google I/O 2016 next month.

If this rumor holds true, this will not be the first Nexus handset from HTC. In 2010, the company joined forces with Google in pushing out the Nexus One, deemed the very first Nexus smartphone, running Android 2.1 and sporting a 3.7-inch screen with 480 x 800 resolution.

In related news, HTC unveiled its most recent flagship device, the HTC 10, featuring a superb design and powerful software. If HTC will also pack in premium design and features to these purported Nexus devices, then Google could have two high-quality devices that will showcase Android N down the line.

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