The release of Oliver Stone's politically charged film about Edward Snowden's path to becoming an National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower was already pushed back twice but it finally stands firm on its new September release date.

To prove that, Open Road Films released the official trailer for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt led non-fiction suspense film, Snowden, on April 27 and it does have a sense of heightened suspense plus a few lines from Nicolas Cage.

The trailer begins with clips of Edward Snowden, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, driving a vehicle while also being tracked juxtaposed with a black screen where the words "Run," "Hide" and "Live" are flashed. It then shows Snowden's army training and his eventual discharge because of his leg injuries.

Afterwards, he is shown in an interview for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) where he cites that he "wants to help his country make a difference in the world" as a reason for wanting to join the agency. Of course, it is not that easy to join a highly secure government agency so he, along with other possible recruits, are gathered in a room to take a five hour exam-which Snowden finishes in 38 minutes.

Nicolas Cage's character then gives the mission: to "find the terrorist in the internet haystack."

After that, another character shows Snowden how they will be able to track people's activities and you can just see Gordon-Levitt's face laced with concern. Well, it is not everyday someone tells you that you can track all people's activities without their knowledge and using their own electronic devices.

The tension rises even more as Snowden becomes convinced that he has to do something about the operation-which he does by copying all the files and hiding it in his Rubik's cube.

Actually, just watch the trailer below.

While people were divided with regard to how they feel about Joseph Gordon-Levitt attempting to mimic Edward Snowden's real voice, the man himself did not seem bothered by it. It seems Snowden's concern was about what people at the NSA were doing when the trailer dropped.

Snowden is coming to cinemas on Sept. 16.

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