Google has a secret travel app in the works dubbed Trips, which will help you organize your travels as well as offer valuable suggestions.

Rumors are swirling that Google Trips app will bring together the best of Google Maps and Google Now apps. The Trips app will work by searching your Gmail for past and upcoming travel and create bundles of travel data. Although Trips will automatically scan your email account for travel details, you can also manually create travel itineraries and bundles on the app.

Dutch website AndroidWorld reports to have obtained some screenshots of the Trips app from Local Guides users. The leaked screenshots match with the company's characteristic art style.

Rumors suggest that tapping on a destination will present you with a number of sections related to your trip such as Reservations, Saved places, Things to do, Getting around, Food & drink, and more.

The Things to do section will present you with popular tourist destinations. To make things easier for you, the Trips app also organizes outdoor and indoor locations.

The Getting around section of the app will show you the directions, travel modes, and other information about getting from one place to the other. Trips will also allow you to leave feedback or post photos of places you have visited and of interest.

Overall, the app seems quite similar to the Google Maps, which suggests places around a searched location. However, the Trips app will have an easy-to-use material design. The app may be set to make its way to the Android platform but it is likely that the company will also launch an iOS version of the app.

The Next Web reached out to Google regarding the upcoming travel app but the company did not send a clear response regarding the Trips app.

"We love to travel and are hard at work dreaming up new ways to make the travel experience hassle-free. While we do that, sit tight and keep on using our amazing tools like Google Flights, Hotel Search and Destinations on Google to plan your next adventure," says Google.

Some lucky Local Guides users at level two or higher, who have registered for the test phase of the Trips app, are the only ones getting an early sneak peek of the app which is said to be still in the testing stage. Google has not yet revealed any release date of the app but the company may talk about it at the upcoming Google I/O event in May. 

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