Great news for Mass Effect fans. You can now travel across the galaxy without having to leave sunny California.

Great America has announced on Twitter that the Mass Effect theme park attraction is on track to open on May 18.

The new attraction will feature an interactive 3D presentation complete with 4D holographic effects and motion-enabled seating. Live actors will also be part of the experience and will help act as tour guides for the entire journey.

The ride is produced in partnership with publisher Electronic Arts (EA), and the original Mass Effect developer BioWare. Originally announced in September, the attraction was described as "a first-of-its-kind guest experience," as this is the first time the beloved sci-fi space opera series is featured in an amusement park attraction.

"EA and BioWare are thrilled to partner with Great America and see one of our most iconic games turned into an exciting high-tech attraction," EA licensing boss Patrick O'Brien said. He also stated that EA hopes to thrill and excite fans of Mass Effect while potentially introducing new fans to the series.

In true Mass Effect fashion, the new attraction features a slew of sensory engaging gadgets. The seats are equipped with powerful base speakers to produce vibration effects, hot and cold air gusts, water misters and full-body haptic feedback. The audio and visual effects driving the experience are top-notch. It features an 80-channel atmospheric sound system and the world's largest LED screen. Riders will wear 3D glasses for the duration of the 4.5-minute experience.

Mass Effect is not the only EA game being developed as a theme park attraction. Set to open in Spring 2016, Plants vs. Zombies is also getting its own attraction.

The Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare attraction is the world's first intra-active 3D game experience. The experience will feature active feedback while two teams of players compete in a 5-minute garden arena battle. The 3Z arena features 3D technology, independent surround sound, 68 simultaneous players with handheld laser guns in motion-based seats. The players will form two teams of 34 and watch the action on a 14.5 by 26-foot screen. Players will be able to purchase photos and score cards in the retail store attached to the attraction.

According to Great America general manager Raul Rehnborg, the "combination of technology and creative video game content is sure to usher in a new wave of entertainment innovation at amusement parks."

With millions of fans worldwide for franchises like Mass Effect and video games making up a large share of the global entertainment industry, it's exciting to see theme parks join the party.

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