After finally finishing season 2 of Netflix's original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you probably find yourself being a bit more bubbly as if the happiness of Ellie Kemper's character has rubbed off on you. How could we not love Kimmy's adorable '90s references and cute - and creative - alternatives for curse words?

What we really admire about this character is her ability to stay positive no matter what life throws her way. To Kimmy, the world is still a beautiful place.

But then we start browsing online and snap back to reality.

Now you can Kimmy-fy the Internet using this Google Chrome extension that will bring more happiness to websites.

If you are a huge Kimmy Schmidt fan then you are going to love reading the news after downloading this extension. Called Kimmifier, the extension highlights (in pink!) any bad words or negativity appearing in articles, and replaces them with more words or phrases that Kimmy would use.

Think of it as Kimmy reading you the morning news. For example, instead of certain words or phrases, the extension uses "donkey," "heck" "holy sugar," "O.M. Jeepers," and "What the ham sandwich?!"

Since Kimmy is out of touch with current slang and Internet speak, Kimmifier also removes these words and adds the character's interpretations that "are so fun, they're unbe-fudging-lievable."

Want to read a story about Apple? The company will now be referred to as "Macintosh." Continuing on this retro vibe, email will be known as "electronic mail."

Why call it Instagram when "Kimstagram" is much more fun? A hashtag is now a "hashbrown," and YouTube is now just "Tube."

Instead of using the word "police," Kimmifier replaces it with "stranger danger rangers." But of course the best is using "Beyoncé" instead of "Thanks."

These words or phrases will also be highlighted in pink and work not only when reading the news, but also on social media sites like Facebook.

Netflix released this Chrome extension for the release of season 2 of the series, but it also launched another way to bring more Kimmy to the Internet, this time directly on its site. When subscribers view the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt title they will see an option to Kimmy-fy the platform.

To do so, click on the switch and Netflix will change to purple and pink. The cursor will also turn into a magic wand, with stars appearing as you scroll and hover over titles. Flip the switch to undo this feature at any time, but seeing the world through Kimmy's perspective makes us feel alive, darn it.

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