We bet you already have a big date night with your couch and TV to watch the season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones, but not everyone will be so lucky.

For those who won't be able to tune in for when it first airs, and for every Sunday that follows, it's important to avoid the Internet that evening and the next day. That's because the Internet (ahem, our Facebook friends) love to ruin everything for us.

Navigating through the Internet on Mondays will pretty much be like a minefield. You will have to quickly scroll through your social media feeds to skip over related articles and recaps, as well as friends' reaction posts that may give away a bit too much. However, we all know it's impossible to dodge all the spoilers.

There's a Chrome extension that will save the day from all Game of Thrones-related spoilers.

GameofSpoils is a plug-in that makes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google News free from revealing any information about the HBO original show.

This Chrome extension prevents the Internet from revealing spoilers by detecting and blacking out any post that mentions Game of Thrones online, as well as any related term used in the show like "Winterfell" or "Targaryen."

For example, on Facebook, the plug-in blacks out a post (whether it's an article, status update or photo shared) and informs the user that a potential spoiler lies there. GameofSpoils also reveals why this specific post was blacked out, such as if it features the phrase "Lannisters."

But when it comes to Reddit, the user will still need to be careful about which subreddits they go to. Spoilers can still be viewed in any Game of Thrones subreddit like /r/asoiaf/. GameofSpoils only blocks potential spoilers in more general subreddits like /r/television.

And just because the posts are blacked out doesn't mean that brave souls still can't peek behind to see what's there. If the user wants to see the post or article, they can click on the black area and the content will gradually be unveiled. This is so that the user has about 3 more seconds to look away or keep scrolling if they change their mind.

Keep in mind that while GameofSpoils is great, it's not the only available plug-in. There are plenty of others that can protect you from seeing GoT spoilers both when reading the news and browsing your social feeds. And if you are are a true fan of the series, these apps and Chrome extensions will be the best thing that ever happened to your online existence.

Make sure you download the plug-in before the big season 6 premiere on April 24.

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