In a bid to provide a better customer experience, eBay refreshes its mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The revamped versions of the app now sport a redesigned user interface along with other user-requested functionalities.

Taking cues from consumers’ multitude of reviews in the past months, the company centered its attention in beefing up three significant areas in the app: utility, navigation plus design. On top of that, the update likewise brings with it the much-needed speed improvements.

In a press release pushed out by eBay on May 2, the company mentions that its product and technology team has been working to focus on developing user experience, particularly on mobile.

It says that during the first quarter of this year, the number of eBay app downloads already reached 314 million and the mobile volume in the quarter was $9 billion.

“This week, users can download the free update to eBay’s core Android app, with the iOS app to follow,” says eBay.

eBay says it is restoring a slew of the much-loved functionalities from earlier versions of the app, thanks to users’ requests. Moreover, the company promises to push out more updates this year.

“As we look towards future updates, we will continue to integrate the newest technology, respond to and incorporate user feedback, and evolve the experience to create the best browse, shopping and selling experience possible,” says eBay’s Senior Director and Head of Mobile Product Management, Dave Comer.

Without further ado, here is a rundown of what users should expect from the amped up eBay app for iOS and Android.

1. Navigation — The company simplified the navigation drawer on the Android version and the horizontal navigation bar on the iOS app. Consumers can now see more of their latest "Search" history.

2. Design and Speed — eBay wants its consumers to easily look for the things that they want through the updated apps that should now deliver a “faster experience.” With regard to Android app’s design, the company says it has already moved to Material Design to provide “intuitive experience” for users.

3. Utility — In terms of personalization, users of the apps can now see related items, based on their specific shopping behavior. Moreover, eBay also assures customers to keep on improving how consumers can seamlessly manage their selling activity, complete drafts plus start new listings.

In September last year, the eBay 4.0 mobile app was rolled out to deliver a more unified look and feel via its revamped interface showing off three categories, including Shop, Activity and Sell.

In any case, the newest sets of update to the iOS and Android versions of the app are, indeed, a welcome treat for consumers.

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