Microsoft SQL Server 2016, the company’s flagship database software, will be released on June 1.

The much-anticipated SQL Server 2016 will become generally available to consumers in all four versions, including Enterprise, Express, Standard and Developer.

“This will allow you to build mission-critical and business critical intelligent applications with the most secure database, the highest performance data warehouse, end-to-end mobile BI on any device, in-database advanced analytics, in-memory capabilities optimized for all workloads, and a consistent experience from on-premises to cloud,” says the SQL Server Team.

The rolling out of the next version of SQL Server follows a round of public previews along with the release candidates. Just recently, the firm pushed out what is deemed the fourth and last release candidate for the upcoming new version of the database product.

Microsoft initially tested out quite a few new features that consumers should expect from the SQL Server 2016 in the Azure cloud.

Features To Expect From SQL Server 2016’s Editions

In the company’s announcement, the SQL Server Team likewise reveals the features to expect from the four editions of SQL Server 2016.

1. Developer — Developers will be given access to the full capabilities of the SQL Server, so they can develop and test out “new mission critical, intelligent” apps.

2. Enterprise — Users will be provided with the full capabilities of the database software. The features include rich data integration capabilities, mission critical database, end-to-end mobile business intelligence, high performance data warehouse plus built-in advanced analytics.

3. Express — Consumers can develop and deploy small scale database apps for free. This edition can be downloaded at no cost.

4. Standard — The package includes features such as modern reports, a robust security that enables users to manage access to sensitive information, greater scalability up to 24 cores, tabular modeling capabilities and improved performance.

Meanwhile, a few of the components and features to be included in the SQL Server 2016 that Microsoft identified during the product’s first public preview in May 2015 include Always Encrypted feature, Stretch Database, PolyBase, Dynamic Data Masking and more.

Microsoft SQL Server on Linux will be made available by mid-2017.

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